The Skrzatusz Annals vol. II 2014


      Editor: ks. dr Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Contents: 00_spis_tresci.pdf (129 kB)
      Year of publication: 2014
      Number of pages: 176
      ISBN: 978-83-7789-285-5
      ISSN: 2300-8296


      Author: Tomasz Tomaszewski
      Title: Going on pilgrimages in the Bible
      Number of pages: 11-18
      Full text: 01_tomaszewski_tomasz.pdf (164 kB)

      Author: Janusz Bujak
      Title: Mary – the guide in the pilgrimage of faith
      Number of pages: 19-36
      Full text: 02_bujak_janusz.pdf (280 kB)

      Author: Krzysztof Zadarko
      Title: In die alte heimat – about German Catholics ’ pilgrimages to the former Free Prelature of Pila
                from the account of Johannesbote (vol. I)
      Number of pages: 37-52
      Full text: 03_zadarko_krzysztof.pdf (257 kB)

      Author: Jarosław Wąsowicz
      Title: The Pilgrimages of Piła parishes to the Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows in Skrzatusz
                in 1980s
      Number of pages: 53-64
      Full text: 04_wasowicz_jaroslaw.pdf (229 kB)

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Out of diocese pilgrimages to Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 65-77
      Full text: 05_ceynowa_tadeusz.pdf (194 kB)


      Author: Krystyna Bastowska
      Title: Contribution to the Pomeranian Way of St. James’ pilgrimages
      Number of pages: 81-95
      Full text: 06_bastowska_krystyna.pdf (2,28 MB)

      Author: Zbigniew Stanisławski
      Title: Archaeological finds of medieval pilgrim badges in the Western Pomerania
      Number of pages: 97-111
      Full text: 07_stanislawski_zbigniew.pdf (932 kB)

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: : The calendar of the most important events in the history of Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 113-115
      Full text: 08_ceynowa_tadeusz.pdf (97,3 kB)

      Author: Jarosław Wąsowicz
      Title: The Coat of Arms of Szydłowo as the expression of the cult of the Virgin Mary of Skrzatusz
      Strony: 117-121
      Full text: 09_wasowicz_jaroslaw.pdf (161 kB)

      Reviews and reports

      Author: Jarosław Wąsowicz
      Title: The report of the first edition of a lecture series The Ecclesiastical History of Piła
                prepared for the jubilee of the 500th anniversary of the city
                (Piła , 8 October 2013 – June 25, 2014)
      Number of pages: 125-129
      Full text: 10_wasowicz_jaroslaw.pdf (161 kB)

      Author: Agnieszka Antosik, Dorota Fechner
      Title: An outline of the history of Piła in 1945-2000 , ed. M. Fijałkowski, Piła 2013, pp . 284
      Number of pages: 129-136
      Full text: 11_antosik_agnieszka_fechner_dorota.pdf (180 kB)

      Author: Jadwiga Witkowska
      Title: XXXI Week of Christian Culture in Trzcianka
      Number of pages: 136-138
      Full text: 12_witkowska_jadwiga.pdf (132 kB)

      Author: Jarosław Wąsowicz
      Title: It was such a city . Piła in old postcards 1896-1944, ed. M. Ursuski, Piła 2013, pp. 399
      Strony: 139-141
      Full text: 13_wasowicz_jaroslaw.pdf (157 kB)

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Johannesbote Rundbrief des Heimatwerkes der Katholiken aus der Freien Prälatur Schneidemühl
                (Grenzmark Posen-Westpreussen), Weihnachten 65 (2013)
      Number of pages: 141-143
      Full text: 14_ceynowa_tadeusz.pdf (139 kB)


      Annex 1
      Title: Homily of Bishop Edward Dajczak given at the Diocesan Youth Meeting
                to Skrzatusz on 15 September 2013
      Number of pages: 147-149
      Full text: 15_dajczak_edward.pdf (94,4 kB)

      Annex 2
      Title: Homily of Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz given at the 25th anniversary of the coronation
                of the statue of the Virgin Mary in Skrzatusz on 16 September, 2013
      Number of pages: 151-156
      Full text: 16_nycz_kazimierz.pdf (126 kB)

      Annex 3
      Title: The resolution of the Municipal Council in Szydłowo of 30 December, 2013 on the establishment
                of the coat of arms, the flag and the seal of the Commune of Szydłowo and the rules of their use
      Number of pages: 157-158
      Full text: 17_gmina_szydlowo.pdf (269 kB)

      Annex 4
      Title: Photographs
      Number of pages: 159-176
      Full text: 18_fotografie.pdf (14,3 MB)

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