The Skrzatusz Annals vol. V 2017


      Editor: ks. dr Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Contents: 00_spis_tresci.pdf
      Year of publication: 2017
      Number of pages: 263
      ISBN: 978-83-7789-474-3
      ISSN: 2300-8296


      Author: Tomasz Tomaszewski
      Title: Miracle in the Holy Scriptures
      Number of pages: 13-24
      Full text: 01_tomaszewski_tomasz.pdf

      Author: Rafał Dresler
      Title: Institution of indulgences in legal terms with practical application in the shrine
                of Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 25-49
      Full text: 02_dresler_rafal.pdf

      Author: Małgorzata Wieczorkowska
      Title: The parish registers in Skrzatusz kept in the Archives of the Diocese
                of Koszalin-Kolobrzeg (Kołobrzeg)
      Number of pages: 51-76
      Full text: 03_wieczorkowska_malgorzata.pdf

      Author: Marek Fijałkowski
      Title: Portrait of Ludwik Wejher in the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
                in Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 77-89
      Full text: 04_fijalkowski_marek.pdf

      Author: Krzysztof Zadarko
      Title: Spiritual guides of German Catholics in their pilgrimages to Skrzatusz
                in the Johannesbote
      Number of pages: 91-106
      Full text: 05_zadarko_krzysztof.pdf

      Author: Wojciech Wójtowicz
      Title: Miraculous physical healings in Skrzatusz? A fundamental theological evaluation of testimonies,
                and pastoral conclusions
      Number of pages: 107-120
      Full text: 06_wojtowicz_wojciech.pdf


      Author: Grzegorz Wejman
      Title: The “message of the age”
      Number of pages: 123-139
      Full text: 07_wejman_grzegorz.pdf

      Author: Wincenty Łaszewski
      Title: Fatima: The Light of God
      Number of pages: 141-157
      Full text: 08_laszewski_wincenty.pdf

      Author: Jarosław Wąsowicz
      Title: Coronation of Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn in Vilnius on July 2, 1927
      Number of pages: 159-172
      Full text: 09_wasowicz_jaroslaw.pdf

      Author: Anna Langa
      Title: A social aspect of spiritual life of Sister Disciples of the Cross in the light of their
                Constitutions and Writings
      Number of pages: 173-194
      Full text: 10_langa_anna.pdf

      Author: Zbigniew Witka-Jeżewski
      Title: Workaholism and the ministry of priests
      Number of pages: 195-209
      Full text: 11_witka-jezewski_zbigniew.pdf

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Calendar of the Shrine in Spring 2016
      Number of pages: 211-217
      Full text: 12_ceynowa_tadeusz.pdf

      Reviews and reports

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Johannesbote Rundbrief des Heimatwerkes der Katholiken aus der Freien Prälatur Schneidemühl
                (Grenzmark Posen–Westpreussen), Weihnachten 68(2016)
      Number of pages: 221-223
      Full text: 13_ceynowa_tadeusz.pdf

      Author: Wojciech Polak
      Title: Przemysław Bartosik, The political life of Walcz (Wałcz) and its surroundings
                in the years 1945–1990
, The Institute of National Remembrance Publishing Institution.
                Szczecin Branch, pp. 347, Szczecin 2015, pp. 347
      Number of pages: 223-226
      Full text: 14_polak_wojciech.pdf

      Author: Edwin Klessa
      Title: Centenary of John the Baptist’s Church in Trzcianka
      Number of pages: 226-231
      Full text: 15_klessa_edwin.pdf

      Author: Jarosław Wąsowicz
      Title: Report of the fourth edition of the lectures in the series The History of Pila (Piła),
                October 26, 2016 – June 7, 2017
      Number of pages: 231-234
      Full text: 16_wasowicz_jaroslaw.pdf


      Annex 1
      Title: Homily of Bishop Edward Dajczak delivered at the Diocesan Youth Meeting
                in Skrzatusz 17 September 2016
      Number of pages: 237-239
      Full text: 17_dajczak_edward.pdf

      Annex 2
      Title: Homily of Bishop Edward Dajczak delivered during the diocesan pilgrimage
                to the Eucharist on September 18, 2016
      Number of pages: 240-243
      Full text: 18_dajczak_edward.pdf

      Annex 3
      Title: Photographs
      Number of pages: 245-262
      Full text: 19_fotografie.pdf

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