The Skrzatusz Annals vol. VI 2018


      Editor: ks. dr Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Contents: 00_spis_tresci.pdf
      Year of publication: 2018
      Number of pages: 278
      ISBN: 978-83-951615-0-6
      ISSN: 2300-8296


      Author: Tomasz Tomaszewski
      Title: The first reading (Heb 5:7–9) in the liturgy of the Mass about the Blessed Virgin Mary
      Number of pages: 13-26
      Full text: 01_tomaszewski_tomasz.pdf

      Author: Edward Sienkiewicz
      Title: A mother of mercy in the Church based on the Redemptoris Mater encyclical
      Number of pages: 27-41
      Full text: 02_sienkiewicz_edward.pdf

      Author: Jarosław Wąsowicz
      Title: Father Stefan Kieliński SDB (1932–2017), first custodian of the sanctuary of the Koszalin-
                -Kolobrzeg (Kołobrzeg) diocese in Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 51-76
      Full text: 03_wasowicz_jaroslaw.pdf

      Author: Janusz Nowiński
      Title: “Angel of Providence” in post-war Skrzatusz: Helena Sadowska (1910–1995) – in memoriam
      Number of pages: 77-89
      Full text: 04_nowinski_janusz.pdf

      Author: Wiktor Zygmunt Łyjak
      Title: History of the organs in the Diocesan Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows in Skrzatusz (part I)
      Number of pages: 65-75
      Full text: 05_lyjak_wiktor_zygmunt.pdf

      Author: Janusz Nowiński
      Title: The history of the catechetical building at the church of Sacred Heart of Jesus in Witankowo,
                in the former parish of Skrzatusz
      Number of pages: 77-83
      Full text: 06_nowinski_janusz.pdf

      Author: Krzysztof Mazurkiewicz
      Title: The coats of arms of the diocesan bishops of the Koszalin-Kolobrzeg (Kołobrzeg) Diocese
                in the perspective of church heraldry
      Number of pages: 85-101
      Full text: 07_mazurkiewicz_krzysztof.pdf

      Author: Remigiusz Szauer
      Title: Priesthood and clergymen according to the youth in the Koszalin-Kolobrzeg (Kołobrzeg) diocese
      Number of pages: 103-121
      Full text: 08_szauer_remigiusz.pdf

      Author: Krystyna Rypniewska
      Title: Stained glass windows of the cathedral in Koszalin in the light of archival sources
      Number of pages: 123-132
      Full text: 09_rypniewska_krystyna.pdf

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Calendar of Skrzatusz sanctuary in 2017
      Number of pages: 133-142
      Full text: 10_ceynowa_tadeusz.pdf


      Author: Krzysztof Bielawny
      Title: Marian revelations in Gietrzwald (Gietrzwałd) in the pages of several selected Polish-language
                periodicals in 1877
      Number of pages: 145-156
      Full text: 11_bielawny_krzysztof.pdf

      Author: Bogusław Kozioł
      Title: The beatification process of the Servant of God Cardinal August Hlond
      Number of pages: 157-176
      Full text: 12_koziol_boguslaw.pdf

      Author: Zbigniew Woźniak
      Title: Meeting as a model of communication in the messages of Pope Francis for the World
                Communications Day
      Number of pages: 177-188
      Full text: 13_wozniak_zbigniew.pdf

      Author: Anna Langa
      Title: Living together as a way to spiritual development in the Communio Sororum Discipularum Crucis
      Number of pages: 189-205
      Full text: 14_langa_anna.pdf

      Author: Jurij Kramar
      Title: The role of Roman Catholic Church in the realization of confessional policy of Polish
                authorities in Volyn (Wołyń) during the interwar period
      Number of pages: 207-219
      Full text: 15_kramar_jurij.pdf

      Author: Edwin Klessa
      Title: Parish Library in Trzcianka in years 1983–2018
      Number of pages: 157-176
      Full text: 16_klessa_edwin.pdf

      Reviews and reports

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Johannesbote Rundbrief des Heimatwerkes der Katholiken aus der Freien Prälatur Schneidemühl
                Prälatur Schneidemühl (Grenzmark Posen Westpreussen), Weihnachten 69(2017)
      Number of pages: 237-239
      Full text: 17_ceynowa_tadeusz.pdf

      Author: Przemysław Bartosik
      Title: Jarosław Leszczełowski, Miroslawiec (Mirosławiec) in the Polish People’s Republic 1945–1980,
                Mirosławiec (Mirosławiec) 2017, pp. 390
      Number of pages: 239-241
      Full text: 18_bartosik_przemyslaw.pdf

      Author: Grzegorz Wejman
      Title: Ks. Andrzej Józef Delerdt, Source of Divine favors infinite Our Lady of Sorrows from Skrzatusz
                and Her History
, editors editorial Dr. Agnieszka Borysowska and Rev. Dr. Tadeusz Ceynowa,
                2nd edition corrected, Szczecin 2018, pp. 59
      Number of pages: 241-243
      Full text: 19_wejman_grzegorz.pdf

      Author: Edwin Klessa
      Title: XXXV Week of Christian Culture in Trzcianka
      Number of pages: 243-246
      Full text: 20_klessa_edwin.pdf

      Author: Przemysław Bartosik
      Title: Report on the five editions of the Regional Science Conference in Walcz (Wałcz) The history
                of the land of Walcz (Wałcz) over the centuries
, (2013–2017)
      Number of pages: 246-251
      Full text: 21_bartosik_przemyslaw.pdf


      Annex 1
      Title: Homily of Archbishop Andrzej Dzięga delivered during the diocesan pilgrimage
                to Skrzatusz, September 17, 2017
      Number of pages: 255-260
      Full text: 22_dziega_andrzej.pdf

      Annex 2
      Title: Photographs
      Number of pages: 261-278
      Full text: 23_fotografie.pdf

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